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Thermomix® spotted in Singapore Food Festival

We spotted the Thermomix being used by Chef Marvas Ng of Path Restaurant and Chef Russell Misso of BRDL Bar & Restaurant SG in one of the Singapore Food Festival ‘s Masterclass!

‘It’s one of my favorite machines because it cooks, blends, works like a miracle.’ – said Chef Marvas Ng as he uses the Thermomix® to make the fragrant oil for the dish.

Watch the full episode here

Thermomix® Spotted in Singapore Food Festival

Thermomix® received a Red Dot Award for our ‘Created Recipes’ feature

We received a Red Dot Award in the Brands and Communication Design category for the “Created Recipes” feature of the Cookidoo® platform. 🥳

Created Recipes allow Thermomix® users to store their own recipes in the award winning recipe platform, Cookidoo®, and sync these recipes for step-by-step cooking instructions in their Thermomix®. This way, anyone at home (kids and helpers alike) can recreate the same familiar tastes everyone loves with precise cooking instructions using their Thermomix®.

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Thermomix® received a Red Dot Award

Thermomix® Spotted in Iron Chef Brazil

We spotted the Thermomix® being used on Iron Chef Brazil! The gastronomic competition features rising culinary talents pitting against Brazil’s best chefs and we are stoked to see the #thermomix being used by some of the best chefs in Brazil!

The Thermomix® is well loved by top chefs and home cooks alike due to its many functions and its ability to simplify cooking processes with precision, giving you the same great quality every time 💚

Thermomix® Spotted in Iron Chef Brazil

Thermomix® Spotted in Singapore Food Festival

The annual Singapore Food Festival has started and one of its key features is the Masterclasses by the most esteemed local and international chefs!

We spotted the Thermomix® being used by Chef Daniel Sia of The Coconut Club to make the most aromatic and tender Otak-Otak Udang!

He used the TM6 to blend and chop the Otak-Otak paste, mentioning that with modern conveniences, no more pounding the mixture for hours to get the oils and fragrance out; the Thermomix® gets it done in minutes 😉

Watch the full video here

Thermomix® Spotted in Singapore Food Festival 2022

Thermomix® Spotted in DJ Lin Peifen’s Kitchen!

The Thermomix® is for everyone – From avid home cooks to busy professionals who need a little help in the kitchen, making healthy delicious food has never been so easy!

We spotted a Thermomix® in Mediacorp YES 933 DJ Lin Peifen’s kitchen on her interview with 8 Days Singapore ! The Thermomix® has over 30 functions, replacing many kitchen equipments and keeping her countertop neat 🤩

With over 80,000 guided recipes at the tip of your fingertip with the aid of Cookidoo®, quality meals are made quickly and effortlessly while you spend time with those who matter 💚

Read the full article here

Thermomix® Spotted in DJ Lin Peifen’s Kitchen

Thermomix® Spotted in MasterChef Singapore

Congratulations to Johnathan Chew for winning Season 3 of MasterChef Singapore! One of the prizes he won as part of the winner’s package is the highly coveted Black Thermomix® and we can’t wait for him to embark on his Thermomix® journey with us 💚

We look forward to seeing all the interesting dishes he will make with his new TM6

Watch the winning episode here

Credits to Mediacorp Channel 5 for the image

Thermomix® spotted in MasterChef Singapore

Thermomix® Spotted in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Kitchen

As a professional footballer, eating healthy is a top priority so it’s no wonder that the Thermomix® is the go-to appliance for him and his family to whip up their meals!

Ranging from blending to sous vide mode, the Thermomix® will be your best kitchen partner in helping you create restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of your own home 😉

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Thermomix® Spotted in Cristiano Ronaldo’s Kitchen

Thermomix® Spotted in VUE Magazine

The Thermomix® is the #1 item in VUE Magazine’s 2022 Luxury Wedding Registry!

The Thermomix® is the perfect item to gift newlyweds! With over 30 different culinary functions, the Thermomix® not only saves kitchen space but also saves time, leaving precious time that can be spent on things that matter. 💚

What’s more, with access to over 80,000 guided recipes on Cookidoo®, date night are made sweeter by whipping up restaurant-quality dishes at the touch of a button 🤩

Check out the full article here here

Thermomix® Spotted on VUE Magazine

L’OR Espresso’s Thermomix® Giveaway

Congratulations to L’OR Espresso’s winners who’ve won the coveted Thermomix® in their weekly giveaway! We wish that you will enjoy Thermo-mixing at home with your loved ones and a lifetime of great food!

Check out L’OR Espresso Singapore here

L'OR Espresso's Thermomix® Giveaway
L’OR Espresso’s Thermomix® Giveaway

Thermomix® spotted with Vitasoy SG

WIN a Thermomix® TM6 when you purchase $5 worth of Vitasoy SG products!

Did you know that our TM6’s Mixing Blade can go up to 10,700RPM (turbo mode) and can grind rock sugar to icing in merely 2 seconds? With such a powerful blade, one might wonder how you can cook delicate dishes in the Thermomix®🤔

Fret not! With our Reverse Mode, the blade operates in the opposite direction, and cooking delicate dishes like Tofu (without it breaking up) is totally possible! 🤩

Vitsasoy carries light and healthy soy-based products such as tofu that are perfect for creating delicious and nutritious dishes. 🍲

⭐️Here are some tofu recipes to try:
Mapo Tofu:

⭐️Suan La Tang (Hot and Spicy soup):

Tip: Use the butterfly whisk attachment to help gently stir your dishes while cooking

Find out more about the promotion here

Thermomix® Spotted with Vitasoy SG
Thermomix® Spotted with Vitasoy SG

Thermomix® spotted with on Daily Mail

We spotted a story of how a working Mom prepped dinner for an entire week for her family of 5 in just 3 hours with the help of her Thermomix®! What an amazing feat!

Make weekly meal planning a breeze with Cookidoo®! Consolidate your ingredients and recipes in one place so it’s easier to shop for ingredients to plan your meals

Read the article here

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Thermomix® spotted on Daily Mail

Thermomix® spotted with Rita Zahara on Berita Harian newspaper

A familiar name and face, Rita is a former journalist at Channel NewsAsia (CNA) and a former newscaster at ESPN Star Sports, before becoming an entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of AMGD Global, a company that is working with Thermomix to jointly develop healthier food for everyone.

Watch her Zero Sugar Pineapple Tarts recipe for Thermomix® here

whatsapp image 2022 01 12 at 2.00.57 pm
Rita Zahara on Berita Harian

The Thermomix® is featured on Trusted Reviews!

As a website that features unbiased reviews and advice on what to buy, we are honored that the Thermomix® is featured as the kitchen gadget to get this Christmas!

“With the Thermomix, you can make incredible bread and pastries, cook and sear food, blend practically anything and even steam vegetables and cook rice. There’s very little that it can’t do.” We could not agree more!

Read the full article here

Gift a Thermomix® here

Thermomix ® featured on The Verge!

We are featured on The Verge’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Dads!

“If you thought an Instant Pot was cool, wait until your dad lays eyes on Thermomix’s TM6 cook-it-all device. It’s a more high-tech (and expensive) gadget, with a built-in touchscreen that can steer the controls and guide you through thousands of recipes.”

We agree! This Christmas, gift your loved ones the gift of convenience and hassle free cooking with our Thermomix®

Gift a Thermomix® here

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Thermomix ® has broken a Guinness World Record!

On November 27th, 2021, our international Thermomix® community came together to set a Guinness World Record of “The most videos of people cooking uploaded to Facebook in one hour”. We had a total of more than 3000 videos uploaded in one hour!

Read more about our record breaking feat here.

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Thermomix® has broken a World Record!

Thermomix ® spotted on Berita

Thermomix® has made cooking traditional Malay dishes from scratch so much easier at home! No more pounding spices in the mortar! Grind, blend, saute and cook everything in one pot with less mess, oil and fumes.
Save calories when you cook with the Thermomix®. Without losing any flavour, traditional home cooked meals uses up to 30% less salt, sugar and oil when cooked with a Thermomix®.

Watch the full segment here to see how the Thermomix ® made cooking hassle free!

screenshot 2021 11 30 121649
Thermomix on Berita

Thermomix ® spotted on Mashable

Thermomix has been nicknamed The Tesla of Kitchen Appliances by Mashable!

“If you need more inspiration in the kitchen, you’re a distracted cook, or you’re looking for a kitchen appliance that’ll do all of the precise cooking for you, the TM6 is definitely worth the splurge”, coz you deserve the best. 😉

Read here for the full review.

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Thermomix on Mashable

Thermomix ® spotted on Straits Time

More people are cooking at home due to COVID. Read this feature article on Straits Times about how technology can help everyone to cook easier, healthier and smarter at home with less mess.
Read the full article here to find out why Thermomix ® sale has soared and why it is truly the only all-in-one kitchen appliance you will ever need.

whatsapp image 2021 11 16 at 10.55.41 am
Thermomix on The Straits Times

Thermomix ® spotted on ZDNet

Thermomix® has been named as one of the Top Gadgets for home cooking for Best Kitchen Gifts 2021.

With the versatility and time saving nature of our Thermomix®, it is indeed the best gift for your loved ones. 

Read on here for the full article

Gift a Thermomix® this Christmas here, after all, it’s one of the Top Gadgets for home cooking😏

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Thermomix on ZDNet

Thermomix ® spotted on Marie Claire Taiwan

防疫期间少不了 Thermomix®,“就算没有一点烹饪技巧,交给它绝对也能做出大厨级的美食料理。““… 有这样一台能帮你三餐都顾好,不论用它来做轻便的早餐,或澎湃一桌菜的晚餐料理都很适合。“ ”即使遇到『今天晚餐该吃什么?』的烦恼也不用担心,只要连线至线上全球最大的专属食谱平台Cookidoo®,有多达超過7万道世界美味佳肴食譜等著你选“。

Thermomix ® is a must have kitchen appliance during this pandemic prevention period. Find out why in this article.

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Thermomix for cooking at home

Thermomix ® spotted on Du Jour

As seen on Du Jour, a luxury lifestyle magazine. “Affectionately known as the Tesla for the kitchen, the high-tech TM6 Thermomix® is a multi-use appliance that transforms any countertop.” The Thermomix® TM6 is the ultimate sous chef, read more from here

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Thermomix News

Thermomix ® spotted on Women’s Weekly

Our all-in-one super kitchen appliance was named the Best Multi Cooker in the Singapore Women’s Weekly Domestic Diva Awards 2021. With over 25 cooking functions in our Thermomix®, it really comes to no surprise! Check out the rest of the awards here.

235973645 1717556935096545 5948839070220315575 n
Thermomix Singapore Award

Thermomix ® spotted on Local Fine Produce

We spotted our TM6 in episode 4 of Local Fine Produce hosted by Bryan Wong and Lin You Yi!

In this episode, they explored waxed sausages, flour, as well as artisanal chocolates. As Bryan whipped up some muffins using Prima Flour with Ellen Chung, we spotted Thermomix® in the show’s kitchen! Watch the spotted episode here.

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Thermomix Singapore Spotted on TV

Thermomix ® spotted in Bake Magazine

We were featured in Bake Magazine! Chef Antonio Bachour shared about how the Thermomix® TM6 can be utilised by bakers and pastry chefs for their desserts and bread.

“It delivers you the perfect texture, allows for 70% less in preparation time, and above all, delivers on precision and consistency for each and every recipe”, said Chef Antonio, a top pastry chef in America who’s also won the prestigious Zest Award for Baking & Pastry Innovator. Zagat described the Chef as a “confection master”.

Check out Chef Antonio’s dessert making collection on Cookidoo® and the article here!

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Thermomix for Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Bakers

Thermomix ® spotted in Mamamia

We’re thrilled to be named an essential household item that’s totally worth the investment by Mamamia! Featuring more than 25 cooking methods, our Thermomix® TM6 is the only all in one cooking device you need. Link to the article here.

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Thermomix Recommendation – Kitchen All-in-One

Thermomix ® spotted in Derek Cheong’s feature on 8 days

Masterchef Singapore Season 2’s winner Derek Cheong has won a kitchen package as part of his prize package and we are excited to hear that the Thermomix® is the electronic equipment that he was most excited by!

Watch the MasterChef Singapore Season 2 Finale Episode here

Read the full interview here

screenshot 2022 02 10 092941
Masterchef Singapore Season 2 Winner Derek Cheong

Thermomix ® spotted in Derek Cheong’s kitchen

Spotted our Thermomix® TM6 in 24-year-old Derek Cheong’s kitchen, MasterChef Singapore Season 2’s newly minted winner! Seeing the revolutionary All-in-One kitchen appliance, Thermomix®, in his kitchen, it’s no wonder Derek is inclined towards technology-led cooking techniques throughout the competition!

Watch the MasterChef Singapore Season 2 Finale Episode here

Watch the interview here

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Thermomix Singapore in MasterChef Winner Derek Cheong’s Kitchen

Thermomix ® spotted in the news

We are excited that final year Biotech students from Republic Poly have created protein bars made with crickets with the aid of their mom’s Thermomix®! During taste tests, these bars reportedly tasted better than expected, especially the peanut butter bars made with Thermomix® homemade peanut butter. It’s indeed Future Protein meeting the Future of Cooking. Read the full Straits Times article here

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Thermomix for Innovation

Thermomix ® spotted in the Jason Hahn Files

Find out why Jason Hahn and his friends are getting worked up over our Thermomix®  TM6 in the Jason Hahn Files, featuring the Queen of Pineapple Tarts doing a demonstration on how to make Pineapple Tarts with our Thermomix® TM6!

thermomix main pic
Thermomix Pineapple Tarts

Thermomix ® spotted in the news

Thermomix® is one of the fastest growing companies in Singapore in 2021!

Read our recipe for success here  and click here for the news article.

screenshot 2021 10 20 163835
Thermomix Singapore most popular fastest growing brand

Thermomix ® spotted on The Food We Love To Hate

Spotted on the tv programme- The Food We Love To Hate Episode 2! Thermomix® was spotted (at 25:38) in the kitchen of Chef Petrina Loh’s restaurant, MORSELS, which makes food from scratch – avoiding preservatives and MSG. In this episode, Chef Petrina used her Thermomix® to make an infused coriander oil with the Thermomix® precisely heating at 60°C. The coriander oil took on a lovely green hue as it was only gently heated. Even the guests who normally disliked coriander were wowed by the unexpected aromatic taste of the panna cotta that was drizzled with coriander oil!

Watch the full episode with our Thermomix® in action here.

140729307 1574546152730958 3612547349659556264 n

Thermomix Singapore spotted on TV

Thermomix ® spotted on asiaone

Our Thermomix Truly Asian Facebook group has been featured on asiaone! With more than 118k members, this group is a one stop destination for all your Thermomix®  cooking needs.

Join the buzz here!

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Thermomix has large user community in Singapore

Thermomix ® spotted on CNA Lifestyle

Did you know that one of the founders of famous curry bun shop, Eat My CB is a Thermomix® advisor? Find out how the shop came about here

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Thermomix for Small and Home Businesses

Book a Thermomix®

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Embark on your Thermomix® journey by experiencing the power of Thermomix® – where you’ll get to try cooking with Thermomix® and taste the food cooked – either in one of our cooking studios or in the comfort of your own home.