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Isn’t it wonderful to do what you love… and get paid for it?

Hundreds of thousands of advisors all across the world are selling Thermomix® products. Join the team and discover for yourself the advantages of working independently with a premium, cutting-edge appliance. Careers with Thermomix® takes different forms around the world, depending on local and cultural differences. However, the benefits are clear: Customers experience first-hand the quality and efficiency of the products during cooking shows at their homes. As an advisor, this is an attractive opportunity to earn an income while working under extremely flexible conditions and in a dynamic market environment.

You have a choice of two career options: Full Time or Part Time.

Benefits of Working with Us

Our advisors shares the benefits of cooking with Thermomix® at cooking sessions in our cooking studios or in the homes of people who are interested in learning more Thermomix®. These sessions take place only at the request and invitation of the host, and there is no hard sell.

Instead, we focus on providing a professional presentation that gives potential customers all the information they need to make an informed decision about investing in a Thermomix®. We let the product speak for itself by showcasing its many strengths and creative possibilities through interactive demonstrations where customers can try cooking with the Thermomix® themselves and even tasting the food. We keep it friendly and informal yet informative. If you’re passionate about food and people, then this could be the perfect job for you.

Sometimes I wonder how I manage raising six children, leading a happy relationship and holding down a career as a Thermomix® advisor. Family life seems all-consuming sometimes, but the nature of this job means it works! I can adapt my hours to fit my lifestyle. The work itself keeps me involved and challenged – and brings in some extra money for the household. I also get to cook – and eat – delicious food with a wide range of people, so it involves a bit of a social life and some ‘me time’ too.

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